Rso Oil Dosage

The two most common ways to consume RSO are orally and topically. Rick Simpson himself used it as a topical to cure his skin cancer, although it’s been said his physician did not condone and cannot confirm this as a cure.

RSO oil dosage chart

Week # in regimen Ideal dosage
1 Half a grain of rice (1/4 a syringe drop) every eight hours
2 Half a grain of rice (1/4 a syringe drop) every eight hours
3 Half a grain of rice (1/4 a syringe drop) every eight hours
4 Start doubling your dose to a full grain of rice (1/2 a syringe drop) every eight hours
5 Two full grains of rice (1 syringe drop) every eight hours
6 Four full grain of rice (2 syringe drops) every eight hours
7-12 By now you will be ingesting approximately a gram of RSO every day, spread across three doses, taken every eight hours. Follow syringe measurements for accurate doing.
Continued maintenance Once the 90-day treatment plan is over, patients only need a gram or two a month to maintain a base level of cannabinoids. One gram is approximately eight syringe drops; we recommend taking this as a small dose daily or near-daily for efficacy.

RSO Oil Dosing regimen

While Simpson recommends taking the oil orally, patients can also administer it in suppository form, using the same dosing guide.

Weeks 1-3: Three small doses every day

Start with a small dose of RSO every eight hours (morning, midday, and night). Each dose should be about the size of half a grain of rice; the first dose will be about ¼ drop of RSO from an oil syringe.

Weeks 4-5: Double your dose every four days

Per Simpson’s recommendation, it takes most patients four to five weeks to reach the full dosage of one gram of RSO per day, starting from half a grain of rice. Patients should still take their doses every eight hours.

Weeks 6-12: A gram a day

Take one gram of RSO a day until you’ve consumed a full 60 grams. This comes out to taking about 8-9 rice-sized drops of RSO every eight hours.

Continued regimen

Once a patient has gotten used to taking a gram of RSO a day and consumed the recommended 60 grams, they don’t need to continue with such high (and expensive) doses. Simpson’s website recommends one to two grams a month to maintain an influx of cannabinoids.

How long does RSO oil dosing take to work?

RSO requires weeks to acclimate to without intoxication. Results may be felt within a few days, but most report significant differences in symptoms once they have reached the one-gram-per-day threshold, which may take up to five weeks, depending on the individual.

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Rso Dosage For skin ailments

If using topically, apply a dab of RSO to the skin site and cover with a band aid or bandage to ensure absorption. Reapply every other day.

Rso oil Dosing For internal conditions

The other popular way to address internal conditions, such as physical pains, immunity conditions, and other illnesses, is to ingest RSO. This requires a large amount of RSO as well as a dosing system that requires weeks to acclimate to the high doses needed for treatment (more below). We recommend speaking to a doctor or medical professional familiar with RSO to discuss what works best for you.

Our guide here is based on consuming 60 grams of RSO in 90 days, broken up into weeks, as Rick Simpson recommends on his website. Keep in mind that this hasn’t been reviewed by medical professionals.

Side effects of RSO oil Dosage

Following a gradually increasing regimen of RSO is your best bet for avoiding potential side effects, such as sedation or dizziness. RSO is an incredibly potent product, and some consumers may feel uncomfortable if the dose is too high.

It’s possible to negate the intoxicating effects of THC by adding CBD-rich flower to the recommended dosing guide below. Many patients attest that the effects of RSO are largely positive, mitigating pain, nausea, and sleeplessness, among other symptoms.

Can you smoke or dab RSO?

Since RSO is an oil that retains some degree of plant matter, yes it can be smoked! But squirting a dollop directly in your bong or pipe will only lead to a sticky, sappy mess.

The best way to smoke RSO is to combine it with flower, such as adding a rice grain amount to a packed bowl. It also works well in joints and blunts when added to the paper or wrap in horizontal lines. This distribution will help slow the burning of a joint or blunt and allow the RSO to heat without destroying the cannabinoids.

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And technically, yes, you can dab RSO. But we recommend only dabbing an RSO purchased from a dispensary with lab test results to ensure no solvents or other potential irritants are present. Note that when RSO is made, the cannabis is decarboxylated when the solvent is burned off, so it may not be as potent as other concentrates, depending on the temperature of your dabs.

Can you cook with RSO?

Yes, you can cook with RSO. Keep in mind that cooking cannabis above 300ºF will burn off the cannabinoids and render the RSO useless. For maximum efficacy, it’s best to add RSO to meals that have already been cooked, or to parts of a meal that don’t need to be cooked, such as a sauce, dressing, or beverage.